Dr. Myriam Baratin obtained her PhD in immunology from Université Paris Cité in 2001 for her work on immuno-oncology. She then joined INRS, Canada, as a post-doctoral fellow to decipher the immune response to allografts. In 2005, she was appointed Associate Professor at Aix Marseille Université, where she joined the Center of Immunology Marseille Luminy (CIML), focusing her research first on NK cell activating receptors, then on lymph node DCs and, tissue macrophages. She was appointed academic coordinator for international student mobility by the Faculty of Science from 2015 to 2020.

For 8 years, she was a member of the French National Council of Universities, the national authority responsible for recruiting academics and monitoring their careers. In 2020, she was seconded to the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs as Scientific Attaché at the French Embassy in Japan. In charge of the "life sciences, health and environment" division of the science bureau, she initiated and developed various programs to facilitate and strengthen scientific cooperation between France and Japan. Back to Aix Marseille Université and the CIML in 2023, she is focusing her research activities on immuno-oncology. As an associate professor, she is involved in creating innovative training programs to help students become individuals open to the world and endowed with soft skills required in a productive working environment.