Criteria for travel support from FPJ


  1. Master and Ph.D. students in Japanese universities and research organizations or

researchers of different levels (post-doctoral fellows, assistant/associate professors,  and professors) in Japanese universities and research organizations

  1. Any nationality


  1. To attend international symposiums/conferences/forums/courses in biosciences * in Japan or in other countries, organized by Institut Pasteur and Pasteur network
  2. Submit an abstract for the poster and/or oral presentation

* The official language is English

What FPJ will support

  1. Round trip flight or train tickets – economy class – organized by FPJ
  2. Hotel accommodations – organized by FPJ
  3. Registration fee
  4. Visa fee

FPJ will not provide a living allowance or meals and local transportation

Documents required

  1. The Financing Request Form
  2. CV - 1-2 pages with photo, education, work experience, hobbies, and personal statement with objectives in life and career 
  3. Acknowledgment of abstract submission

Expected report

A short informal report of your experience in attending the events with some photos to be published on the FPJ website and SNS.